• Nutrition
  • Strategy to lose weight ~ Shave those extra Calories

    To truly live life, we must eat well. And we should eat well to balance and nourish our body. People who eat as if there is no tomorrow should understand that we eat to live and not live to eat.
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    “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” -Hippocrates

    The mindset to cut your calories
    What do yo think about this quote. To help us control our weight, we have to start our mindset about food. Create a healthy relationship with your food, it will benefit your health.

  • Nutrition
  • Are you stress out and constipated?

    Strange and weird, do you know that stress and constipation are related. They are top 10 silent killer for many women. People don’t associate death with these conditions, because all statistics relate death with cancer, diabetes, heart disease, or stroke. But these diseases have their origin in stress. Try this recipe to help your constipation […]