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About Coach Frida

Hello everyone,

I’m so glad you stopped by.

First, a few personal facts concerning myself: I enjoy spending quality time with my hubby Iwan, and collectively we raised four wonderful children. For the past seventeen years, we have been homeschooling each of our children. Among my hobbies are cooking, reading, and interpreting languages. Specifically, I am a linguist by profession; listed among my proudest achievements—other than my family—have been interpreting for various local hospitals, courts, schools, and businesses. I love to hang out with my daughters and girlfriends in our homes, together, we cook delicious, healthy food while we discuss everyday topics. My burning passion is to help women understand to live in freedom in every area and aspect of their lives; I fight to educate women to become their own person, to discover each niche of life, and finally, to achieve success in their lifetime, especially concerning their family, health, and wellness.

I graduated from York University, Canada with a business major. Since then my family and I have lived in four different continents and among the highlights: starting my language business, and working as a medical interpreter in various prominent hospitals. I have received extensive education and experience in women’s health and wellness using both a traditional and an integrative approach. I was certified as a life coach and currently in the process of getting my certification with Duke University’s Integrative Medicine Program.

As your life and integrative health coach, I will partner with you to identify what is it that you desire the most concerning the physical, social, and familial aspects. We will then establish goals to achieve those dreams. I will ask you powerful, searching questions that will hopefully help you comprehend what keeps you locked in unhealthy habits or behaviors and then transform them for a beneficial change.

The bottom line: I am passionate about relationships and your health; I have first-hand experience when it comes to raising a tight-knit family and maintaining good fitness and general wellness. For the past twenty five years, my husband and I raised our own family, provided them with their education and also their health. A highly controversial topic, I am particularly interested in female weight loss programs, and have perused research upon becoming physically fit while giving you back the energy that so many lack. To complement this, I’m familiar with recipes for healthful, wholesome and delectable Asian food.

This is essentially the skeleton that I will work around, the thesis that this blog will center around is based upon the topics and ideologies listed about. Please visit and I will endeavor to brew my various teas that I have collected and share it with you, I will listen to you and ask you questions that will help you become both healthier and happier. It would truly be my pleasure to hear from you and organize a social connection through modern technology. I hope you will enjoy this blog and you are always, always welcome here on my little place online….

Are you Ready to Find your Freedom?
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