Easy Detox this Fall and Stay Healthy

Here are three detox ideas you can start immediately today:

1. A Healthy Diet:

Eating Healthy is a basic thing you can do to your body for a detoxification. Get rid off of all boxed foods, can foods, process foods, sugary drinks,  industrial fats, other artificial fats and expired foods from your diet. Clean up your pantry immediately and find some spaces for healthy snacks, such as nuts, beans, fruits and vegetables….. Add some spices to your food to promote healing and detox. You will be surprised that your body will not crave for more  salt and sugar.

“HEALTHY DOZEN” from left to right: Ginger, onion, garlic, nutmeg powder, coriander, cayenne powder, tumeric powder, cinnamon, chilly pepper, celery, cloves, and cardamom.

A Dozen of Healthy Spices and Herbs to Help Healing and Detox
Spices and herbs that grew wildly around our ancestors are harvested in the ancient times to promote healing and treated ailment. Nowadays, people have replaced all these with boxed foods, canned foods and other man-made flavors.

2. Juicing:

Making juices and smoothies are very easy and simple. Our family uses VITA MIX, to juice all our fruits and vegetables. Making juices at home will ensure that  there will not be any added sugar or sweeteners, it is a good way to start detoxification. Be creative with your ingredients, choose at least four or more fruits and vegetables to maximize all the minerals and nutrients that our bodies needed.


3. Bone Broths:

Do you know that bone broths is an excellent way to facilitate detoxification and replacing valuable minerals, amino acids and other nutrients lost in your body? Making your own bone broths at home from the bones of animals, birds, and fish and drinking it is a simple and easy way to detox this fall. Add some tofu, vegetable and mushrooms to your soups, it is priceless.

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