Organic Asian Vegetable Gardening

A few months ago, my mom, uncle and auntie came to visit us for my daughter’s wedding. They decided to plant an organic vegetable garden for me, it was a priceless gift for our family. They toiled the ground, bought the seed, plant the seed. After two months of watering and caring, my organic garden is ready to be harvested. Today, I harvested the first batch of my Choy Sum Chinese Vegetable. We washed it, and stir fry the vegetable with garlic, and salt, read the recipe here. The Choy Sum taste is different with the one we bought at Supermarket. The taste is much sweeter and the vegetable is so tender, too.

The Organic Asian Vegetable Choy Sum
From Wiki pedia: Choy sum or choi sum (Chinese: 菜心) literally means “vegetable heart” in Cantonese. While frequently used to describe edible stem of either of the two varieties of Chinese cabbage, usually the soft inner core of bok choy with the tougher outer leaves removed, the term can be applied to the “heart”–the soft core or flowering stem–of almost any vegetable such as kai-lan, including non-traditionally East Asian greens such as broccoli. Outside of China, the Cantonese spelling of choy sum is more common than the standard Mandarin pinyin spelling càixīn due to the greater influence of Cantonese cuisine in the West.
The Delicious Stir Fry Choy Sum
See my recipe to make this delicious organic Choy Sum
The ultimate Organic Choy Sum
This dish is easy to make and very delicious, if you can’t make your own garden, this Choy Sum are sold in Asian groceries

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