What’s for Dinner Tonight?

What’s for Dinner Tonight?

“What are we eating tonight?” Does this sound familiar? If your house is like my house, this question will inevitably arise in the afternoon right before dinner time. My children will without fail ask me what they are about to eat with curiosity. This is a typical question that always gives moms headaches, because we aren’t always sure what to cook. Even though we have planned for the week, our body occasionally neglects to tell us what to eat; perhaps more realistically, we are simply too lazy to prepare a proper meal. Let me help, for starters, here are some ideas how you can feed your family proper nutrition and without inflicting too much heartache. Healthy habits always start from home, and when comes to eating habits, family habits can turn into super family fun:

* Include your children when choosing your menu and bring them along to cook

When you include your children in the process of preparing meals, it is more likely they will eat the food that you make together. Plus, more hands means less work! If you have more than one (older) child, consider to ask each child their favorite meal in rotation. This will create excitement when their favorite meal happens during the week.

* Consider making a meal rotation for two weeks

When you plan your meals, please include vegetables, fruits, lean meats and healthy carbohydrates. The food pyramid has changed my idea of a proper plate, which consists of a half-plate filled with vegetable and fruits, quarter of grain, and the remaining quarter of protein.

* Pack your refrigerator and pantry with nutrient rich foods

Fruits, whether frozen, fresh, or in 100 percent juice form, are an essential part of a well-stocked refrigerator. In addition, load up on nuts, eggs, lean meat protein, and low fat dairy products. Equipped with this arsenal of flexible basic ingredients, kids can pull healthy food from the fridge and pantry as their grocery store when cooking a meal.

* Turn dinner time to become memory making family time

Every time we make a meal, strive to make it a memorable occasion from the beginning of the cooking process to the washing of the stack of dirty plates. Meals are meant to be a fun time, full of laughter and excitement. Rotate with each child to say grace before each meal. Have each child to tell his or her highlight of the days. Be positive! Pray for each other and have plans after dinner to do a fun family game or simply relax in the living room.

* Green bites always win

Always stock salad in the fridge. Get a variety of nuts packed up, and be creative with your salad dressing

* Stir fry vegetable is easy to make and will always hit the right spot

Stir fry vegetables are so easy to make, quick tip: add optional garlic and onions for extra flavor, and add some powdered seasoning. Stir-fry with spices ranks as one of my favorite vegetable recipes, and if you like it spicy, add chili pepper!

* Crockpots are convenient to prepare while you are busy

Crockpot is easy to prepare and you can leave it there for hours while you do something else. Be creative on the crockpot menu. Your children can easily and safely help you do this, too.

Food for thought:

A family who eats together, stays together…..

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