Fun Personalized Weight Loss Coaching Plan

Are You Struggling to Plan your own Weight Loss Plan?

Designing a realistic weight loss plan for yourself can be challenging. Together with you I will help develop a personalized weight loss plan that will help you to loose weight the FUN and HEALTHY way. The plan includes a 30 days menu ( using some foods you love ) and optional groceries tour,  movement  or activity plan. I am available for questions and support along the way! Weight loss is hard, but with support it can be done!

Fun Personalized Weight Loss Coaching Packages
 Package      3 months   6 months   9 months
 Price  $599  $849  $1,219
 60-90 minutes intake session  1  1  1
 40-50 minute sessions*  twice/month  twice/month  twice/month
 Email support*( Monday-Friday)  unlimited  unlimited  unlimited
 5-10 minute phone/txt check-ins*  anytime anytime  anytime
 Monthly continuation fee, after initial 3 months  $150/month  $150/month  $150/month
Your Coaching Fees May Be Tax Deductible
In the U.S.A., expenses of continuing education undertaken to maintain and improve business and professional skills may be tax-deductible. (Treas. Reg. 1-162-5. Coughlin vs. Commissioner, 203F 2d 307.)  Your tax consultant can provide you with further information.
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