Asian Community Leaders Focus Group

Beating The number One Killer Together
Asian Community Leaders Focus Group
What is the top fatal disease for Asians? It is Cancer. Affecting more people than heart disease, cancer is 5 to 7 times more likely for Asian-American men and women. Luckily, here in Cary, we have a top ranked cancer institute in our area. Last week, I had such an educational and eye-opening day with my fellow community leaders from the Triangle area visiting Duke Cancer Institute (DCI). The institute not only brings top-notch research innovation throughout the nation, but they give the best advanced care for their patients. In there, the patients’ welfare is placed first and foremost.
Peaceful, serene, and surreal
The Quiet Room is my favorite place there in the Duke Cancer Institute
That day, the Office of Health Equity and Disparities—under the leadership of Dr. Nadine Barrett, PhD—brought Asian Community Leaders into DCI to discuss how we could help the Asian-American community.
Beating Together the Number One Killer- Cancer
My good friend Dr. Nadine Barrett, PhD and Karen Cheng
The community leaders consisted of diverse Asian ethnic groups, local churches and temples, newspapers and also non-profit organizations from around the Triangle region.
Chemotheraphy room, Cozy room and clean environment
Chemotheraphy Waiting Rooms with lots of tables and connections to plug in to the world

The 267,000-square-foot Cancer Center building epitomizes the Duke Cancer Institute model. It fully integrates empathetic care and amazing research. My friends, Dr. Nadine and Tina brought us along on an amazing tour of the facilities. I was awe-struck with all the different offices and technology that they had inside. Perhaps my favorite room in that gigantic facility was this one quiet room. At the center was what seemed like a man-made pool of water (I later found out it was not real due to hygienic purposes), and the atmosphere was incredibly serene, peaceful, and so very real. Another great place was the garden, where a few of the patients would be able to have chemotherapy with nature surrounding them. All I can say is wow!
“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” –Henry Ford
Asian Focus and the Asian community came together to put a working system in place, and we will keep doing so. Together with Duke, we’re going to organize the Health Fair this year to keep helping people get first-rate care throughout the Triangle. I will keep you posted and if you are interested to help, contact me and come help us!

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