The Importance of YOUR WHY

Hello everyone, this is Frida Jahja here. Welcome to my Saturday morning short teaching about networking business.

My story:

My name is Frida Jahja and I was born in Indonesia, a country where women are not as esteemed as men. Regardless of that fact, I was still able to become an entrepreneur, an owner of a large manufacturing company, and it was there that I had my first taste of what independent business ownership feels like and what it can provide in terms of time freedom and income.

But political instability in my country forced me to sell that business and move to America in hopes of freedom and a peaceful life. All of my time and energy was then devoted to my four young children until 2012 when my youngest child was getting ready to graduate from high school. I had never lost the passion to be my own boss and make my own money, so as my last “bird” began to fly the nest, I began to search for a business of my own.

That is when my friend Holly introduced me to Rodan + Fields. She said that the doctors who created Proactiv and dominated the acne market now had their sights set on dominating the anti-age market but that this time they were giving ME the opportunity for independent business ownership.

I jumped in because I knew that I could not only build another successful business but that the best way that I could do that was by helping other people create businesses of their own. It was so satisfying and fortuitous — that my passion to once again be a business owner merged with my passion to empower and help others.

This video is dedicated for my Unleash team whom I adore and love. Many of my team members asked me this question and I would like to answer them.

Question: How do you sustain your business for the past two years and not quit?

Answer: YOUR WHY is The Foundation of YOUR Business

One of the most important exercises you can do as you begin your business is to identify your “Reason Why”. What is driving you emotionally to develop a successful business? Your “why” is your long term vision for success in your business.

Let me ask you a few questions: If time and money were no issue, how would your life look? Where would you live? What would you drive? What would you do with your time? Would you have any debt? In other words, what will a successful business do for your life, your family’s life, and your lifestyle?

I want you to clearly write down why you are doing your business. The more specific, the more powerful it will be! Make it compelling so it causes you to find the time, face your fears, and persevere!

Is your reason “why” to have a college fund for your children, to pay off debt, buy your dream home, become more self-reliant, are you funding your retirement? For me, I wanted to start a foundation for women and children that I would fund through my business

One of the first things I did when I started my network marketing business was create my reason “why”. I remember working with my mentor who asked me: “Frida, what’s your reason why?”

I told her: “First, I want to help all my children to establish their own household, and furthermore in the long run I would like to start a foundation for women and children that is fully funded through my network marketing business. I would like to help women and children in providing housing, teaching and training for mothers, and a schools for kids!”

I’ve heard people in the profession say that your why should make you cry. What that means is that your why should move you emotionally, and keep you enthusiastic about this business during the ups and downs that any entrepreneur can face. It helps you to discipline your disappointments, not to deviate from your mission, and it keeps you driven by your dream!

Everyone has ups and downs, challenges and achievements, disappointments and success. When you are clear about your Reason Why, you will continue to be driven by your dream, rather than being fueled by your disappointments. Take time to write down (or revisit) your “WHY” today–share it with your sponsor, significant other, or your accountability partner. Post it where you will see it. Revisit it from time to time. As your success grows, so will your goals and achievements.

Currently my “WHY” is focused around helping my team to be on fire on this business and duplicate like crazy.

Remember that anything is possible if your reason why is big enough!

*WHAT IS YOUR “WHY”? I’d love to hear–please post as a comment to the blog below!

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