What Dietary supplement will lower your Cholesterol?

Will garlic help lower your cholesterol? Garlic is used in many Asian and Italian dishes. Our stir fry vegetable will taste delicious just by adding garlic and oil. Garlic is known for its odor, it has many benefits. One of them is to help lower your cholesterol. The chemical in garlic, allicin has the benefit to kill bacteria and fungi. It also help our stomach to alleviate certain digestive disorder.

If you take this dietary supplement, please let your physician know. Especially if you are taking warfarin ( blood thinner medicine, anticoagulants like Coumadin®), or going to a surgery. You should not take garlic supplement without first consulting your health care provider because this may lower your ability to clot your blood.

The dietary Supplement to lower Cholesterol
The answer is #1. Garlic ((Allium sativum), known for its distinctive odor, also known as “stinky rose” have chemical allicin that people believe has anti clotting agent that have possibility to help lowering your cholesterol.

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