Who is this TRUTH?

When we minister to each other in the Spirit of God, it imparts life if we receive it. It does not just impart life to our spirit; it also imparts life to our soul. God has ordered the universe. He has ordered our time on the earth. The order of God is that as long as we walk in the Spirit, we live, but if we walk in the flesh we die. We cannot change that order. We can profit by understanding it.

Well, we cannot comprehend the truth unless we have the truth resident in us. For the truth is not knowledge. The truth is not believing certain doctrines. The truth is a person. The truth is the Lord Jesus Christ. God is not just interested in imparting knowledge to us so that we will know the truth apart from Him. For the truth is Him. Therefore the scripture does not say, “as many as received the truth,” it says, “as many as received Him.” If we do not have Him, we do not have the light to see the truth and understand it, much less to walk in it.

We can know the truth and not in it. The Bible calls that ‘holding the truth in unrighteousness’ (Rom 1:18) So it is not just a matter of knowing the truth, it is a matter of walking in the truth, John 13:17, “if ye know these things, happy are ye if you do them.” Stay blessed!

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