”Having questions about life and health? Coach Frida is who you should ask. Because motivation is hard to find and losing weight is a hard task. No question is too big for her, she will guide you through your journey. She is here to inspire you to keep going and will help those who have been hurting. Nutrition and spirituality are two of her specialities, but there are many other things she helps with, just contact her you will be pleased! Oftentimes people lose weight but have no one there when they are done. Coach Frida will be there for you. It’s always nice to have someone. Life is full of stress and things that make it hard to stay on track. So let Coach Frida be the person who will always have your back.”
Kristen H, NC

“I was having a very difficult time facing a very challenging divorce. My emotion was imbalanced, I was at the bottom of my life without direction. Coach Frida helped me curve my vision and helped me to think and not just got carried away with my fluctuate emotion and continued the roller coaster ride. I feel more calm and stable at this point, after 3 months coaching with her.”
Maryam S, Indonesia

I am kind of person who can gain weight easily.
This past 2 years, I tried some diet method that has been proofed works for other people.
Just to find that they didn’t for me. Then I realized that what actually can help me is doing exercise.
I knew that for quite a long time, but it’s just so hard for me to start doing it because I’m not used to it.
When Frida begin to coach me, I actually have just joined a gym but not have enough motivation to really make
a schedule and target. Frida has helped me to see more clearly that exercise is something that I need to do seriously. She encouraged me and building my motivation to do it with discipline.
Now, this activity has been in my daily “things to do” list.
Thanks to Coach Frida !

Josephine H, Indonesia